Dude Stops People Wearing Headphones To Ask What They’re Listening To (London Edition)

Inspired by Tyler Cullen, a student at School of Visual Arts in New York City who went up to random people in Manhattan and asked them what they were listening to on their headphones, Joseph Jenson and Michael Fostiropoulos have applied the concept to London. Now, the natural question: from this random sample, who has better taste in music? London or New York? Here are the respective playlists:

New York City

  1. The Bee Gees: More Than A Woman
  2. Fenix TX: Abba Zabba
  3. Eminem: Not Afraid
  4. Keni Burke: Keep Rising to the Top
  5. Beyonce: Smash Into You
  6. LCD Soundsystem: Dance Yrself Clean
  7. The Black Keys: Too Afraid To Love You
  8. Kanye West: Blame Game
  9. Kinky: Mas
  10. Lil Wayne: Lollipop
  11. Oasis: What’s the Story Morning Glory
  12. Frank Sinatra: The Best Is Yet To Come
  13. Korn: Counting on Me
  14. Britney Spears: How I Roll
  15. Panic! At the Disco: From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins
  16. Kid Cudi: Day ‘n’ Night
  17. Bob Marley: Buffalo Solider
  18. Wiz Khalifa: Black & Yellow
  19. Big Punisher: Still Not A Player
  20. NPR2
  21. Tub Ring: No One Wants To Play
  22. Lady Gaga: Just Dance


  1. ABBA: Money Money Money
  2. Coldplay: Cemetaries of London
  3. The Clash: Rock the Casbah
  4. Common: Play Your Cards Right
  5. Podcast Tour of London
  6. The Bravery: An Honest Mistake
  7. Corrine Baily Ray: Seasons Change
  8. Vangelis: Conquest of Paradise
  9. Nadia Ali: Fine Print
  10. Plastician: Japan
  11. Rihanna: Disturbia
  12. Beirut: Elephant Gun
  13. Burial: Endorphin
  14. Nine Inch Nails: Deep
  15. Gospel Choir: You are Worthy of My Praise
  16. Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze
  17. Danny Byrd: Ill Behaviour
  18. Bruce Springsteen: Down to the River
  19. Podcast Japanese 101
  20. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream
  21. Jay Z: Jigga that N***a
  22. Disney’s The Junge Book: I Wanna Be Like You.

You decide. TC mark


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  • vicki

    nyc has sik beatz

    • Viv

      Are you on crack?

  • Shwax

    In my opinion, in this small sample size there were just 7  songs by listeners in both cities that I would not put up an argument to if someone claimed it was good music.

    Also, I love the coincidence that the first person in each city was listening to an hilariously awful song. My question is who is worse: ABBA or the Bee Gees?

    • http://twitter.com/JohnathanIsMe Johnathan

      For me it was 5 – 7 to songs I'd nod my head in approval too

  • http://twitter.com/JohnathanIsMe Johnathan

    London, all the way

  • http://twitter.com/henryevil andrew

    Nothing beats the woman in the NYC video listening to Frank Sinatra. Spirit animal!

  • Tory

    Haha the girl listening to Teenage Dream is walking to the beat as she walks away. That's sweet.

  • Easy


  • 20 GOTO 10

    The people in London seemed more likely to know straight away what song they were listening to.

  • justeunefille

    i have a girl crush on the chick listening to jigga that by jay-z.

  • http://twitter.com/FeHaciente Fernanda Cortes

    From NYC I just dig two songs, from London let's say four. I based my decision on tha fact that every city playlist that has BEIRUT in it, has better taste in music :D

    • Mary Quite-contrary


  • StyleForGuys

    I love how like proper adults also listen to Gaga's latest :-)

    • Anonymous

      ew you're shitty

  • Mary Quite-contrary

    that guy was listening to a song from The Jungle Book soundtrack. I googled the lyrics. “I Wanna Be Like You” THE JUNGLE BOOK 

    • Mary Quite-contrary

      oh look they already did that for me. *blush*

  • Mary Quite-contrary

    If you think about it, listening to bad music is the best punishment for listening to bad music.

    • JEAmaty

      “Bad Music (Is Better Than No Music At All)” – John Hartford song title

  • Emily

    London, definitely.

  • Josip Lisec

    Did like every person from London have an iPod/iPhone? oh, and there was that lady with an iPad(!?)

  • liker

    Someone do Australia!

  • Anonymous

    whatever happened to britpop and alt rock

  • yeeaah

    3:09 swag, lol

  • Charles Reinhardt

    I want to see a Paris version.

  • padface


    My playlist is equal parts great and awful, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Guest

    Major props to the guy listening to “I wanna be like you” from The Jungle Book!

  • http://twitter.com/taylafederer Tayla Dam

    it's called the river not “down to the river” how dare you disrespect springsteen

  • Beth

    Loved that someone was listening to a song from the Jungle Book, if I’d got stopped in London I probably would have been listening to an embarassing Disney song too.

    Londonders seemed to actually know what they were listening to without looking a lot more than New Yorkers, which I like.

  • KC

    Travis – Love Will Come Through <3 

  • Stephanie Watson

    Come to Glasgow! <3

  • http://www.goodmusicstillexists.com Jacob

    The guy listening to Fleet Foxes makes it an automatic win for London!

    • Kryso

      Saw them at Glastonbury this year… Amazing.

    • http://www.crabgrasscomic.com/ Coffeepillow

       They are amazing! James Vincent McMorrow opened for them here in Minneapolis, who is also great. I would have killed for a ticket, but they sold out…

    • http://www.crabgrasscomic.com/ Coffeepillow

       They are amazing! James Vincent McMorrow opened for them here in Minneapolis, who is also great. I would have killed for a ticket, but they sold out…

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