The Offline Social Network: Tell Me Everything!

Alex Blagg

Here’s a hilarious somewhat thought-provoking video about privacy on Facebook. It’s so strange how the Millennials are more or less comfortable giving a machine their personal information, but not another human being. Although I guess this video is flawed because it portrays Facebook as a sleazy salesperson hunting down users personal information and offering no real service in return, when in reality we opt in and use Facebook because it’s useful and fun. Facebook personified should look like Alex Blagg, not Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Oh and on a related note, has anyone thought about how when Zuckerburg gets bored he might randomly pick a user and read all their private messages for shits and giggles? Feels like the Gmail dudes might do this too. Skype guys too. It’s like instead of watching reality TV like the rest of us, the digerati have exclusive access to our lives. How entertaining. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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