President Obama bin Laden Is Dead

An epic flub here for Washington DC Fox affiliate WTTG, the anchor reports: “President Obama is, in fact, dead.” Only to quickly correct himself, “I’m sorry, [I mean] Osama bin Laden is dead.” TC mark


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  • Sharif Youssef

    Totally intentional.

  • Nive


  • Sonia Ali

    I bet my sister $100 last night that this would happen. Fuckyeah.

    • Paul Barker

      No way, seriously? That is awesome.

  • Christopher Michael Luna

    Yeah, sitting around in the newsroom thinking, “Well, shit. We had a pretty comprehensive smear campaign, but now Obama's going to run around taking credit for this and we're just going to look like assholes if we call it a conspiracy, what can we do to somehow diffuse this and give our base something to use next year… ” *ding* *lightbulb*

    2012 Republican Comedic Commentators, “Yeah, 'Obama' got bin Laden. Or did Osama get Obama? And remember when people couldn't tell them apart…”

  • Rosita T

    What’s sad is that my old high school did the same thing on the YEARBOOK. They put “Obama assassinated” as part of the year recap.

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