This Charles Manson Jean Jacket Has Nothing to Do With Anything

Julia Rubin is a creepy and sheepish. I don’t understand her. Her latest post on blew my mind bonkers.

This is the setup. Ms. Rubin is wending her sweet way thorough the West Village when she spots these two “hipsters” ahead of her. One of whom is wearing what is supposedly rather offensive attire. Ms. Julia Rubin snaps this photo as evidence – as proof – as a way to say this person really went there:

Later, Julia does a write-up about the photo, concluding:

That’s right. Today we spotted a dude in a jean jacket with Charles Manson’s face emblazoned on the back. Look, we get hipster fashion. Sometimes our own tastes even veer to the side of hipster (and yes, we know it’s totally unhipster-y to refer to hipsterdom in any capacity but whatever). But this jacket is kind of offensive.
We’re sure this guy was trying to be ironic because OMG Charles Manson, but this goes beyond Look At This Fucking Hipster-level ironic. This is just… creepy.

As the guy in the Manson jacket, I think I should set the record straight. First things first: I had no idea who Charles Mason was. I just woke up at my friend’s apartment and grabbed that thing off the floor and wore it out. I just googled Manson and Manson does seem creepy but I find it more creepy Rubin knows about Manson in the first place, and then spends her time and influence propagating his creepiness. NOW, THAT’S CREEPY. GET A LIFE. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Image and text via Styleite

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