I Stopped Blaming Myself For Your Inability To Love Me

10 Truths That Will Change The Way You Look At Life

1. When you focus on God, the universe focuses on you.

2. Every wound is not overcome but scars fade; they affect us in subtle ways, but we somehow continue functioning, a bit altered but always enough.

3. Life is wondrous. We do not know our future, our fate, or the impossible. All things can happen at any time without warning. Our only influence over these changes is our perspective and belief. Life is a tangible manifestation of our emotions, thoughts, and faith.

4. There is never a perfect moment, but every moment is indeed prepping you for what is to come as long as your heart knows where you want to go.

5. Be kind to, forgive, and love yourself. The best version of you is the one that loves yourself the most.

6. Relationships are fragile but worth the effort. Items cannot replace intimacy and no amount of money is more valuable than time well spent.

7. Peace is neither found in people nor fully found alone. Peace is found when you realize every particle in your life holds a piece of your peace. When you understand the working relationship between them, you can exhale your anxieties, embrace your life, and dwell in the moments.

8. Unconditional love is the only love worth giving.

9. Simplicity is the key to professional success. Honesty is the key to personal success.

10.  The universe is your biggest fan, waiting for you to decide in your heart that you are ready to receive all the blessings that were always intended for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

“The Highest Human Act Is To Inspire” – NIP

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