How Love Can Worsen You As A Person

Shutterstock / Johan Larson
Shutterstock / Johan Larson

Oh, sweet and fleeting love! We all know that feeling of anticipating a text message as well as staying awake in the wee hours of the morning just to talk with that extra-special someone. Love is truly a one-of-a-kind emotion lets us push ourselves to go for that extra mile and serve as our inspiration to better ourselves. However, based on my experience as well as those friends around me who have fallen in love way too many times, love can in fact worsen you as a person.

For those who are madly in love with someone right now, some might dismiss me as being jealous or bitter about those who are in a seemingly perfect relationship. Call me that how many times that you like but that just proves a bit of my point as to how being in love with someone can worsen you as a person.

For starters, when you’re in love with someone, you have a tendency to alienate everyone around you and just revolve your life around that special someone of yours. You’re always unavailable whenever your friends ask you to go get a drink and you’re seemingly nowhere to be found whenever your friends want to hang out with you. They seem to matter less to you as you gain this idea that your boyfriend/girlfriend is the only person that you’ll ever need.

Aside from that, another thing that happens while you are in love is that you end up getting your priorities mixed up and you end up being irresponsible along the road. For example, some of us may have experienced working with someone who is so clingy with his boyfriend/girlfriend to the point that the person couldn’t even stay away from his phone in even just 5 minutes. What’s more is that this person might also come late or even just plainly ditch you guys whenever there’s a meeting set (and let’s face it, this person was probably on a date).While it is a good thing to spend time with your girlfriend/boyfriend, the fact that it jeopardizes with your other relationships as well as your professionalism shows that it might be dragging you down as a person. The one-track mind nature of those who are in love diminishes the efficiency of the person for other social commitments and what-not.

Another thing that a person has a tendency to develop while being in love is that he loses his common sense. I have this friend who is quite smart like he’s an A+ student all around and he’s not someone that I would call dumb in any way. Once he has gotten in a relationship though, he ended up being extremely unreasonable and somewhat different from the person I’ve known prior. The weirdest thing that I know he has done was that he allowed his boyfriend to get money from him to buy university books and stuff but his boyfriend ended up buying boxes of pizza for himself! What’s worse is that my friend didn’t really mind it as he was so madly in love with that person that he “couldn’t be mad at him”. I’m still face palming right now as I’m typing that one.

As for someone who knows how love can do weird crap inside our heads, I don’t fully blame people when they go acting like this. We just can’t simply turn off our emotions as much as we want to. There are times that the heart takes over and we can’t really do much about it if we’re not aware of what we’re doing. Some of my friends aren’t even aware that they were acting that way up until someone pointed out that they were.

So, yes we can do something about it but we need to be openminded about how love isn’t just about rainbows and fluffy unicorns. Being in love is a state of mind, first and foremost. It is a state of mind in which you experience euphoria and live in your very own fantasy land with that special someone of yours.

In reality, however, the world still revolves and time still moves. We must be considerate with all of those around us and how we’re affecting their everyday lives. We can’t be selfish just because we’re in love. We have to always remember that just because your world revolves around that special someone it doesn’t mean that the world revolves around you two. Be considerate and never forget that reality still rules over love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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