10 Amazing Movies The ENFP Man In Your Life Will Love

Catch Me If You Can screenshot via YouTube
Catch Me If You Can screenshot via YouTube

10. She’s Out of My League

Nothing excites an ENFP male like a challenge of a woman who he perceives as unattainable. This comedy is an inspiration for when ENFP males are lacking confidence in the dating world. It gives us the perfect example to not give up on pursuing the woman of our dreams. The possibilities are endless. After all, we are the Champions.

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9. Yes Man!

This Jim Carrey comedy will sum up an ENFP male lifestyle. We pretty much say yes to anything that sounds interesting to us. As a result, we have very many interests and skills that feed our thirst for adventure.

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8. The Change Up

This comedy encapsulates the daily struggles of the ENFP male of always seeing genuinely multiple sides to any given situation in our lives. It’s a hilarious adventure that shows us there is not just one way to live your life, and it reminds us all to not take ourselves so seriously.

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7. Back to the Future

ENFP males are constantly thinking about the future and how society impacts it. This movie gives us a big-picture fantasy reminder that we don’t know our futures for a good reason. However, there is no harm in imagining what it could look like!

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6. Catch Me If You Can

ENFP males are the ultimate charmers. Every one of them has fantasized about what it would be like to act like a completely different person for a while. In this adventurous movie, Leonardo DiCaprrio takes on the shared ENFP Male “Fear of Missing Out” by living multiple lifestyles as a con artist.

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5. Wolf of Wall Street/ Boiler Room

Deep down, every ENFP male dreams of what a successful lifestyle would look like. Expensive suits, beautiful women, and a gross amount of money to spend. These movies show just that; however, they also make the ENFP Male appreciate how they could never live that lifestyle because they adhere to their values so well.  In other words, these movies remind us that money does not buy happiness, but how the ENFP male would spend their money is a whole other story!

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4. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey

Every ENFP male is constantly using their Extraverted Intuition to question the meaning of life. This comedy takes you into a fantasy world of what Heaven and Hell actually look like if you were to die, and it also shares the zany humor that the ENFP male will appreciate when the movie characters are confronted with these “most bizarre” situations.

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3.  Perks of Being a Wallflower

Every ENFP male is a very inclusive individual. They appreciate every person for their authentic self. This movie does a good job of sharing what it looks like to show another person that they are loved. Something every ENFP male can appreciate.

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2. Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams character counsels Matt Damon’s character on how to appreciate his gifts and talents while encouraging him to be his authentic self and to reestablish his inner sense of adventure. “How do ya like these Apples?” Matt Damon asks in the movie. The answer to that question in the movie is something every ENFP male will appreciate.

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1.Office Space

This cult comedy depicts exactly how the ENFP male feels about corporate America. We dislike monotony, limitations, and we question authority figures. The character of Peter Gibbons leads by example of how the workplace should operate by questioning everything about it and leading others with his unconventional ideas all while staying true to himself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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