A Winning Pitch: Successful Women Choose Weed Over Wine


Marijuana has been a hyper-gendered subject in the United States for decades. Only 1 in 5 of women in suburbia will be forward about their cannabis use in this male-dominated world, as if they need to avoid being dubbed irresponsible as a result of cannabis’ stereotypical threat of lesser cognitive function. 

However, in 2014, successful women have begun to come forward, slowly closing the gender gap. A positive trend, carving the way for the end of prohibition. 

Amongst these women is your average early 20’s smoker, but a staggering amount of them are women who live in households earning more than $75,000 a year. This covers a wide spectrum: your average stay-at-home mother, insurance agents, and professionals and experts in their fields like lawyers, editors and TV producers.

Women are increasingly becoming sexually, financially and communicatively more dominant in the Western world. We are progressing towards our past. Thousands of years ago, women were equally responsible to hunt and gather for their families and it has become a reality we face in the new millennium. Stress has become equal amongst both sexes and when you’re successful, there’s never enough time in the day. Your doctor prescribes you a Xanax prescription to help you cope with your anxiety. It leaves you groggy, numb, not quite yourself. Your job is relentless, leaving little-to-no time to grab a few cocktails and relax with friends. Sugary drinks lead to hangovers lead to poor eating habits, and your lack of rest yields poor performance at work.

With all of your socially acceptable options chemically-altering, unhealthy and time consuming, this is the moment when you hang up your Anne Klein two-piece suit, kick off your Ferragamo pumps and pick up your medical marijuana prescription bottle and roll up a joint. Decompress at last.

Which brings me to your next question. How are women getting their share of marijuana? Through casual connections, of course. Most receive their orders from coworkers’ connections and in some cities it’s delivered right to their doors. This study has brought to light that marijuana is not only easily procured, safe and healthy, but also a great resource for relaxation for the unsuspected, independently successful woman. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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