If You Think These Little Things Don’t Matter In A Relationship, Think Again


It’s the little things that matter. Things that seem too trivial for you but crucial to me.

I shouldn’t have to compete for your attention. I should have it without even needing to ask for it. I should deserve it just like how I should deserve you.

You deprive me of things you unconsciously give to those who really don’t matter. You make me sad even without knowing. You break my heart a thousand times a day because of the things that you consider ‘trivial’.

If there’s even an ounce of doubt about me in your heart then leave. Drop this, turn around and never look back. Because I deserve so much more that what you give me.

I deserve undivided attention.

I deserve the kind of love that I don’t have to doubt. A kind of man who will have eyes for me, and only me. A man who doesn’t hold on to his past lovers because I am more than enough to keep him in the present. The type who will make sure I don’t stay up at night worrying whether or not he’s sleeping next to another when we’re not together. The kind of man who wouldn’t try to hide me and will shout to the whole world that I am his because it is actually something he is proud of. The kind of man who will prove to me everyday that I have nothing to worry about because I am his and he is mine.

These things, things that seem too trivial for you, are all too crucial for me because these things – when unconditionally given, are worth more than a thousand I love you’s and promises.

These little things are what will make me fall for you every day and what will make me stay. Forever. No matter what.

So these things, things that don’t matter to you, means the world to me. Because these things define us and what we are to each other. These thing are what we’ll hold on to when we feel like all else are going to fail. These things – it’s my faith in you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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