Just Let Me Love You For 10 Days

Mohammad Faruque

Ten days.

That’s all I ask. I just need these ten days to love you.

Of course, I’d love more. Ten more weeks, ten more months, ten more years – an eternity. But I’ll take what I can get. And if that’s just ten days, then I’ll gladly have it.

For ten days let me be by your side. Let me nestle up against you while we lay peacefully in bed. Let me be the face you roll over to when you wake up in the morning, and let me be the one who gets to receive your morning kisses. Let me shower you with kisses and make up your days with tight hugs. Let me spoil you and give you all of me.

For ten days let me love you with abandon.

Let me love you as much as I can in those ten days, and if you can, then love me back for those ten days too. Don’t be afraid and just jump for me, with me. I will make forever within those ten days. I will make that chapter a story. Let me love you like those ten days will be my last days, because they might as well be. I don’t know when I’ll ever feel the way you made me feel again.

I am not asking you to stay after that. You and I have lives to live and I will not hinder you from returning to who you were before I came into your life. But please, give me these ten days to love you.

I need those ten days because even if I never get the chance to be with you again, I will always have those brief moments.

So please, let me be yours for ten days. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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