This Time, Please Don’t Leave Her Again

Twenty20 / @karly.valencia

He was her boyfriend but most importantly her best friend; that was how everything started for them. He knew every inch of her. He knows what the slightest change in the tone of her voice means—the cracks, the highs and the lows. He knows when she is about to burst into tears. He knows when she is mad. He knows when she wants to be showered with affection. He knows when and how to calm her down. But there was one thing he did not know. He did not know how to stay with her.

Every huge argument, he would leave. He would always go for the easy way out. He always left her feeling lost and devastated, questioning everything. But despite him leaving her alone with thoughts that haunt her every day and every night, she fought for him. She did everything she can to make him come back, to let him know how much she wanted him in her life. She did not give up on him. And so he came back and she welcomed him with open arms, hoping that he would choose to stay this time.

No, he did not stay. He chose to leave her again. He chose the easy way out again. But no matter what leaving he does to her, she would always find a way to make him come back. She would always fight for him. She would always be willing to cross bridges, oceans and fires for him. She’d do anything and everything just so he would stay.

Just this time, stay. Choose to stay with her. Choose her and be with her against all odds. Fight for her as she did for you. Do not let your ego consume you.

Just this time, please do not leave her again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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