He Is Our Hope

To want something to happen or be true.

To cherish a desire with anticipation.

To expect something out of nothing with confidence.

This is hope.

To hope that things will turn around for us is a validation of His promises for us, the evidence of His existence, and the proof of His abundant love for us.

Hope that even if we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, His grace, love and comfort will meet us at the end.

Hope that when we speak life over our dead situations, new life will sprout from it.

Hope that our today and yesterday is nothing compared to our tomorrows with Him.

Hope that even if we don’t know why or we don’t understand how, He is working behind the scenes.

Hope that is aligned to His will and desires for our life.

Hope that our obedience and resilience in our walk with Him will bless us a thousandfold more.

Hope that there is always more in Him and through Him

Hope that shouts YES and AMEN rather than barely enough.

Hope that in our weakest, He is strongest.

Hope that our pain and tears are never in vain.

Hope that as we step to the great unknown, He is with us throughout.

Hope that He, the one who is in you, is greater than the one who is in the world.

Hope that He will fill your cup to your heart’s content.

Hope that casts away fear and evil.

Hope that grounds us.

Hope that makes us steadfast.

Hope that gives us a future.

This is our HOPE.

The cross.

His unchanging love.

His promises.

For we have this hope as an anchor to our soul that is found in the depths of our being.

He is our HOPE.

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