What I Mean When I Say “I Love You”


When I’m with you, I’m new.

By new, I mean I’m enlivened.

And by enlivened, I mean you make me feel golden and electric. You make me buzz. Buzz with romance, buzz with hope, buzz with inspiration.

I like you; and when I say ‘I like you’ I want you to know I mean I love you. And when I say I love you I want you to know that I mean something much more than just three words.

When I say I love you; I mean, I see your droughts and your knots. I see your insecurities. And I accept them wholeheartedly, because when I say I love you I mean I love all of you. I mean, I’ll stand by you no matter the circumstance.  I mean, I’m really yours, irrevocably yours for the rest of eternity. 

When you’re at your worst, I’ll show you respect and kindness. When we’re old, and our memories are fading, I’ll be sure to say I love you in the morning, day, and night. When you’re sad, I’ll come to you with open arms and understanding.When you’re sick, I’ll drop everything to heal you.

Because I love you. And love is knowing another, and then accepting and caring for their thorns as much as their roses.

When you’re at your best, I’ll be your biggest fan. While we’re young, I’ll love you. When you’re happy, I’ll do everything in my power to make you joyful. When you’re vibrant, I’ll reflect and amplify our light.

Listen, I love you. You make my world. And I’m here for you now, and forever. I’m here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Alive, and dreaming in Washington State. Always looking for greatness.

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