Your Love For Someone Never Dies, And 23 Other Insights About Being On Planet Earth


1. The magic of life is the tragedy of life. We find meaning and value in that which is denied to us: complete communication with others, love that wholly overcomes loneliness, happiness, complete self-knowledge. We live to struggle, to attempt to achieve the unachievable.

2. The Earth is falling through the night.

3. Your love for someone never dies. It will live forever. You will always carry them with you. But the feeling of the love, the memory of a particular love will vanish and over the years becoming alarmingly inaccessible until one day — all of a sudden — it’s completely lost in the sea of the unconscious.

4. Being able to critique yourself is the rosetta stone of intelligence. Genius begins with being able to perceive your own weaknesses, openness to your own vulnerability.

5. Dreams are more powerful than reality.

6. Every truth can be reversed. Paradox is the most honest mood of the human intellect.

7. Reality will always triumph over your dreams.

8. Do nice things for people to enjoy the feeling of being nice and the joy it brings the recipient. Don’t do nice things expecting any kind of return. Being nice must be an end in and of itself for it to be genuine.

9. True love is boring. Happiness is boring, too. The flip side is that unstable and melancholic months (or years) might be some of the best of your life in terms of thrills and self-development.

10. People will screw you over. They will screw you hard. But, you know what? It’s okay. Think about when you were five and someone stole your toy or did something awful to you. Can’t recall a moment like this? Exactly. Life goes on.

11. The mistakes of your parents are the mistakes of you. Reincarnation is a genetic reality and the sooner you confront your biological and environmental history head-on, the sooner you can surpass it.

12. There is no satisfactory answer to your question. So, embrace the open expanse.

13. The oppressed are often silent. So you must listen to the silence if you want to improve the world.

14. Feeling pity is unhealthy. Humans are durable space ships and you need to respect the strength and resilience of those you perceive to be suffering. Simply put, don’t feel bad for people just because the emotion sweeps you up, that’s a selfish impulse about improving your state of mind, not another person’s being.

15. True power forces are powerful because their power is so concealed that it becomes invisible. Put metaphorically, true power is the way water controls the fish, not the shark eating the fish.

16. All authority figures are naked under their clothes. However, you can learn a lot from diligently and submissively studying their fashion choices.

17. Suggestion is frequently more powerful than definition.

18. People are capable of astonishing evil. It will leave you dumbfounded just how deeply distributing the machinations of some people are. But a true adult doesn’t hate the evil in others. They understand the killer in you is the killer in me. They take responsibility for themselves and the actions of all the other beings on this planet.

19. “Reflect, the Devil is old, so become old if you would understand him.” — Goethe

20. It’s all connected, literally by atoms and spiritually through the song and dance of language and genetics. Everything in the cosmos is involved in one way or another with everything else. You can’t disconnect yourself from the horror or the beauty. There is no escape.

21. Everyone thinks they alone hold the secret of the world. Because they kind of do. You create the meaning of life.

22. Relativity is a kind of objectivity.

23. Still, you can’t forget that you’re just some kind of talking monkey.

24. And there is a chance God is just a laughing child. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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