A Series Of Things I Want To Tell You Right Now

A Series Of Things I Want To Tell You Right Now
Joshua Rawson-Harris

I love the way you put your hands on my shoulders every time we cross the road

I love the way you hold out your hand telling me to hold yours

I love how comfortable you are in sharing your thoughts with me

I love how happy you are whenever you tell me things you know (even though sometimes I couldn’t understand)

I love staring at your smiling eyes

I love to see your face lit up

I just want to stare at you

I love how you make the moment lively (even though it’s my fault it became dull)

I love how you comfort me

I love it every time you cheer me up

I’m sorry I’m not that interesting

I’m sorry I can’t ask you questions

I’m sorry I’m bad at almost everything

I’m sorry I’m not fun to be with

I’m sorry I don’t always get your jokes

I’m sorry I don’t always get you sarcasm

I’m sorry if you’re not having fun talking to me

I’m sorry I’m too boring

I’m sorry I always make you worry

I’m sorry if I waste your time

I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment

I’m sorry if sometimes I don’t make you happy

I’m sorry if you don’t feel special around me

I’m sorry I always talk about me

I’m sorry I can’t reciprocate all the things you give and do for me

I want you to be happy with me like how happy I am whenever I’m with you

I want you to be honest with me even if it’ll hurt so much

I want to make you happy but I’m always failing

I want to see and hear you laugh but I’m no good at it

I want to hug you

I want to hold you

I want to hold your hands

I want to play with your hair

I want to touch your face

I want to feel you breathe

I want to know that I’m scared I’ll lose you someday soon

Thank you for coming into my life

Thank you for always understanding me

Thank you for worrying

Thank you for taking care of me

Thank you for being my happy pill

Thank you for the butterflies you give me

Thank you for the smiles and laughter

I appreciate you. I’ll be better Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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