No Matter What You’re Going Through, Choose To Be Kind Today

Plenty of factors have hurt me in my life. A lot of people have let me down when I least expected them too, or even when I never expected them too. My heart has been broken, friendships lost, moments passed, hurtful words said. I’ve met myself with unkindness more times than I want to count.

So why do we choose unkindness when something less than ideal happens? What if we met the negative circumstances, thoughts, feelings, or moments with loving kindness? It’s easier said than done. I’ll be the first to say it doesn’t always feel easy to accept a challenge with a smile on my face, and it is certainly not always the case, but with the right focus and headspace, I usually get there pretty quickly.

New moons offer a new beginning. A chance to hit the reset button and take some time to realign with our own needs. Maybe some things haven’t been going so great—relationships might be failing and some of us haven’t been kind to ourselves. Today marks the perfect opportunity to start the day with a clear and kind intention.

Today my intention is to choose to be kind.

I choose to be kind to myself and others. I choose to be grateful for anything that comes my way. Each challenge is a lesson and each lesson is a gift. I will choose loving kindness even when it feels hard to.

How do we set a kindness intention in the midst of our own hardships?

1. Begin your day with meditation.

Check-in with yourself. Thank your body for holding you, your heart for protecting you, and your mind for learning with you. Meet yourself with kindness.

2. Breathe.

React to this life. Take a deep breath as you acknowledge what comes up, your challenges or hurdles. Exhale in a slow, controlled manner, releasing stress and tension. Smile while you exhale.

3. Enter a state of awareness.

Reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit. Let stillness wash over you.

4. Accept what you cannot change.

Trust that the universe is in control and that you are on a beautiful journey. Accept this with loving kindness.

5. Set your kindness intention.

Consider something that makes you feel happy and full of love. Remind yourself of this feeling. Let the kindness fill you from your head to your heart to the bottom of your toes. Set your intention. Intend to be kind today. Choose to be kind today.

It gets easier, I promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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