The 31 Most Offensive Comments Left On My Articles

Phil Sangwell
Phil Sangwell

Recently, I chatted with a handful of other Thought Catalog writers. We were discussing different ideas for a collaboration piece. During the discussion, the topic of comments came up. I had mentioned that my comments sections had a tendency to become a bit… how should I put this… rough. This isn’t a new topic, as Nico Lang wrote a great piece about why he was turning the comments off on his articles a little while back.

What I learned from the other writers was that their comments sections were generally a more peaceful place than what I’m used to. Actually, in my writing outside of Thought Catalog, my comments sections are usually pretty calm, too. No one has ever called me a “man” or a “freak” over at Rolling Stone or Huffington Post. No one has ever wished death on me over at Talking Points Memo. The fiery nature of comments on my writing seems exclusive to Thought Catalog.

I’m not complaining. I understand that many of the things I write are on controversial topics I’m somehow tied to. Whether it’s a transgender-specific essay, a piece on politics, or anything else, I understand that some people will find themselves a little riled up after making their way through the article.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to wish everyone who reads my writing, even those who only “hate read” it and leave nasty comments, a warm welcome to the wintry holiday season. Thank you for reading the words that fall out of my head and onto the keyboard.

For fun, I wanted to share some of the more outrageous and offensive comments I’ve received over the past 3 months or so. Consider some of these not for the faint of heart.

I Can’t Write for the Same Website as Jim Goad

People like you are emotional, dysfunctional trainwrecks masquerading as pompous intellectuals. mainly because you insist society join you in your pathetic delusions which you like to call reality. Sorry, but no matter how much you butcher yourself, play dress up, and throw temper tantrums insisting otherwise, you will always be a man. That’s science…like Y chromosomes and shit! Naturally this disconnect from reality infuriates you and makes you lash out with pathetic attempts at claiming holy victim status and demanding special treatment. Fuck that.
You and people like you, your fellow travelers as it were, are pathetic creatures worthy only of mockery. A bunch of whiney, wannabe petty tyrants with no power. You project your diseased and perverse values on to society at large as if we’re compelled to flatter your insanity and give you deference. For a group of mouthy yet cowardly deviants, and that’s what you are both statistically and otherwise, you sure do overestimate the influence afforded a minority which constitutes less than a fraction of a percent of society at large. Have any you even taken the time to consider what will happen when the pendulum swings back in the opposite direction? Surely not.
People as self absorbed as you twits probably don’t think about what will happen to you when push comes to shove. And it will. Every time you presume to dictate what normal people can and can’t say about your pathetic existence, lest they face the wrath of government, you strengthen their resolve to treat you as the enemies of decent moral society which you have revealed yourselves to be. So good luck pretending to be a frustrated woman your whole life Larry. You will always be Larry. Always.
PS. Bradley Manning looks like a fraggle. No wonder he was such emo mess and needed to lash out. What a fag lol

Dude, just stop being a huge sissy. If you’d like to be taken seriously, you should stand your ground rather than run away and cry like a little bitch with a skinned knee.

you see, but you are a dude. you will always be a biological ‘dude’. no amount of whining or hissy-fits or surgery will change that. you will always be a biological man. always. forever……and EVAR!!! so quit crying porkchop

It Doesn’t Get Better

You got offended because the doctor wrote down “27 year old male”? You do realise that is what you are, right? You are NOT a woman. You were not born with a vagina, a cervix, ovaries…just to name a few (note: woman who have to get some of these organs removed due to health reasons are no less female, but this is a completely different story). You were born a man, with a male anatomy. It is very important when getting medically examined that this is taken into account. You may dress as a lady, act like one, speak like one, even possibly look like one; but deep down you know that’s not something you’ll ever be.

When a man thinks he is Jesus or Napoleon, we try to heal him. When a man thinks he is a woman, we have to accept it. What the hell, man. I identify as a gun and it offends my transgun feelings if you don’t drop dead after I point my finger at you!

Why I Can’t Stop Reading The Comments

you may feel like woman, but its a matter of physical fact that you arent.

My Suicide Attempt

Lol, you can’t even kill yourself. Please write more, this shit is soooo funny!

All I got from this was “me me me.” And chubby chubby chubby chubby.

You still look like a dude. ((shrug))

Another pathetic cry for attention. I thought you were gone from this place? Is your self esteem low? Did you need attention and praise for being soooo “brave”? Give me a break. People who really truly want to die do it.

So why did you hoard pills? What stopped you from making a noose, slitting your wrists, or actually BUYING A BOTTLE OF PILLS? Were you in jail? This doesn’t make sense at all. Very generic and PSA-ish if you ask me.

How I Went From Rising Star To Workplace Tragedy (I Came Out At Work)

i work with a bunch of gay people, ive done trans peoples hair… and listen to them whine and bitch… and all i have to say is… you made your choice now deal with it.

you are pathetic, and id probably fire you for the sole fact.. that you think you can slack off on work because you came out to us at work.. seriously… NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT IF YOUR GAY, LESBIAN OR TRANSGENDER. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK IF YOUR SHOES ARE ON FIRE AS LONG AS THE JOB GETS DONE, AND ITS DONE RIGHT! Its like you’re having this pity party for yourself because you chose to go through this transformation.. of course people think its fucking weird.. because it is taboo… just like if you came out to them and said “hey i lick toes whenever people wear sandals around me” thats fucking weird too… you could say you like pickles being shoved up your ass while you eat a cherry topped sundae.. the fact is… these people are COWORKERS.. not your family, not your friends… personally that wasn’t even professional for you to just drop the bomb like that on your coworkers… either way… if you keep your job.. congrats.. if not there are other jobs out there.

U have a right to be transgender or whatever freaky nonsense u wanna be and WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE REPULSED BY IT/YOU. This is america and Im tired of people feeling like respect only goes one way. U can be/say whatever u want and I have a right to disagree/hate u for it. Tolerance is for losers. Keep it real. Hate whoever u want for whatever reason. This is OUR RIGHT….. We are only equal under the law, employment and housing….

I literally wanted to punch this person in the face when i read this! and who the fuck comes out at work to their boss anyways?

the whole PROBLEM with these people (lgbt, WHATEVER) is they feel the need to inject their sexual preference into situations that have NO NEED to do so. WORKPLACE is not the area to discuss private matters. Stay in the closet or whatever u call it. Only certain people are tolerant of ‘alternate” LIFESTYLES. I am not one of them AND I DONT HAVE TO BE. Like I said before, u have the right to live/be whatever u like in America. AND PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO HATE U FOR IT. Deal with it

Please, a 4 normally, maybe a 6 after a few beers.
And that’s before pants are dropped and whoops, unexpected penis. The author is not physically attractive. Unless beer goggles.

Can We Stop Pretending Pope Francis Is A Reformer?

yeah writer you fucking suck, hes trying give the man a chance

I’m going to agree with what other people have said here. This author shows a kind of ignorance that pretty much dismisses her entire point.

The Sexist World Of Sports Marketing

First off, your entire argument is countered by the fact that you opened this article with the fact that the Astro’s are even offering a ladies night event. Obviously, they are trying to initiate female interest by promoting this event so they can further expand their demographic and compound their market targeting.
Secondly, what does 45% female viewership have anything to do with the Astro’s Ladies night? You just completely switched topics. You started out with a premise for your subject and tried to back it with data that does not apply. Trust me, marketers are well aware that female interest is growing in what is usually a male-based consumer market.
Stereotypes exist in the marketplace, that is why people target certain demographics. Why do you think ads and promotions are placed on specific networks during specific times. Profit maximization is not based on equality, it is based on specifics and data.
Of course sports marketing is sexist, all marketing is sexist and biased, stop whining.

By Definition, House Republicans Are Terrorists

by definition, you’re a man

19 Things Bad ‘Allies’ Say

No. No, you aren’t [a woman]. As a real woman, I will never consider gender-appropriating MALES one of us. It is just as fucking offensive as a white person wearing blackface.

“I’m Totally In Favor Of Gay Rights, But This Transgender Stuff Is Weird.”

It’s not that you’re weird, it’s that you’re delusional, and I think we’re doing you more harm than good when we feed into that delusion. Delusion = belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument; a belief which contradicts reality.

So you were born a man but you got a change to become a woman. So you like men right? Why not just be gay because I think most straight men wouldn’t want to date a transgender woman (man?)

If the point here is that you want to be accepted for what you are, please remember that it was your nonacceptance of who you are that led to this in the first place. You are free to live your life as you wish, but that doesn’t mean that the laws have to change for every whim of every unhappy person. Unless you find a way to change your DNA, you are whatever sex you were born as.

Why I Don’t Dress Up For Halloween

A man parading through life pretending to be a woman dislikes the “fakeness” of halloween…

The Real Leader Of The Trolling Revolution

So this slut is a Jew, why is that Most jews are either lesbians or Homosexual ?, sadly Adolf is not alive

As expected, another ugly feminist. Hope I’m not the only one who notices the trend

Meh, privileged chubby young Anglo chick compensating for her lack of attraction to the males she think she deserve.

No, Mom, There’s Not A ‘War On Christmas’

i beg 2 differ “parker” if that is your christian name, given to you at baptism, if you even had one. This country…. oh my god, OH, MY, GOD, this country. if OBAMA weren’t bad enough, we havin all these CORPORATIONS shittin all over our baby jesus’s birthday. it says it on my bumber sticker, in my bible and i’ll say it again:: KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS. had he been around for moses it would be a ten commandment. did you know there was this place in conneticut where these ATHEISTS say christmas tress offend them?! what should we just put up a pole or just forget about the holday season. ok? mo money, mo problems. one of those gangstar hip-hoppers said that, cuz i know for a FACT u didn’t listen when baby jesus said it. go back 2 europe. aint no room for seculariziaton in AMERICA. yeah, i’ve had my problems, with drugs and god knows alcohol. you know what got me through? baby jesus. and more specifically christmas. all those presents and eggnog (sans SC thank you very much), they ain’t NOTHIN withhout baby jesus and some of that virgin mary on her goats. and i will be taking that EGG NOG with a dash of some of that HOLY SPIRIT. U best put down the bottle, turn off that god-hating HBO and find yourself a good, CHRISTIAN man, a nice PROTESTANT church and the best BOOK EVER. no, its not about teenage vampires FORNICATING. its called the BIBLE. and u can find it at ur local PROTESTANT church. Check your privilege at the door. Karen Out!

A Lululemon Takedown Piece

you are an blindsided-feminist idiot. you make logical fallacy after logical fallacy. You are living paycheck to paycheck because you suck at life Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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