30 Questions Your Vegan Friends Will Hear Until The Day They Die

 Henrique Félix
Henrique Félix

1. Where do you get your protein?

2. Isn’t tofu bad for you?

3. Doesn’t eating so many beans and veggies give you gas?

4. Is bread vegan?

5. Are chips vegan?

6. Is *obviously vegan thing* vegan?

7. But what do you even eat?

8. Do you do CrossFit too?

9. Are you gluten-free?

10. But what about humane meat?

11. Milk is okay though right?

12. Honey isn’t vegan?! But bees are bugs, they can’t count, can they?

13. Is it because of your religion?

14. Are you trying to lose weight?

15. Is *random sex thing* vegan?

16. Is it true vegans uh…*taste* better?

17. Would you date someone who ate meat?

18. If you were stranded on an island with a chicken, would you eat it?

19. Don’t plants feel pain too?

20. Do the microbes in the water you drink count too?

21. If you love animals so much, why are you eating all their food?

22. Isn’t veganism a little extreme?

23. Doesn’t forcing a vegan lifestyle in children count as child abuse?

24. Don’t you miss bacon?

25. How do you live without meat/dairy?

26. Does fur count if it’s vintage?

27. If you’re vegan, how come you’re not skinny?

28. Can you even make gains when you’re on a vegan diet?

29. Is all your food organic?

30. Can I eat meat in front of you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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