To The Girls Who’ve Been Ghosted

As terrible as ghosting on someone is, we all need to accept that fact that ghosting has become a thing in the dating world. Sometimes, people ghost for different reasons, some arguably good and some bad.

When someone you date stops texting you “Good morning beautiful”, it makes you wonder what went wrong? Did your texts get too boring? Did he find someone better than you? Are you that easily forgettable and unworthy of love? Ultimately, all these make you feel like a lesser person.

When your phone vibrates, you rush to open your inbox, fervently hoping that the text is from him, and then disappointed when you find that it’s just a message about work or from your BFF. You look forward to the morning texts from him, and wonder obsessively why they didn’t come. You get upset and shed some tears at the almost relationship, but still hopeful that he’ll message you again.

And all that is okay.

It’s okay to be filled with anticipation when your phone vibrates, hoping that it’s him, because it makes you look forward to something.

It’s okay to be disappointed when you realise it isn’t him, because you know that you’re still remembered by someone else.

It’s okay to want to hope that he texts you good morning, because that probably cemented the fact that you did like him once and you are capable of such feelings.

It’s okay to be sad over the almost relationship, because who are you if you can’t feel an inch of sadness?

It’s okay to wallow in some self-pity, because you love yourself enough to pity yourself.

It’s okay to keep wondering what will happen if the both of you could blossom into a true relationship, because you will eventually get bored of the same story line replaying in your head over and over again.

It’s okay to indulge in feelings of sadness, anger, and pity. You deserve the right to feel this way. No one get to tell you how to heal, and how much time you need. To get over something, you need to release those negative emotions. You don’t have to put on a brave front, or hear about how undeserving that person is anyway, or how great you are. You don’t need all those, because you probably knew anyway. If you start trying to be happy almost immediately, you’ll find yourself crying on the bathroom floor late at night, missing him, hating yourself, like having emotional withdrawal symptoms.

So please, indulge in the sadness of the almost relationship, accept it, and climb back up. Because honey, you are enough and you’ll get better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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