Read This When You Need A Reminder That You Deserve A Break

Sara Kauten
Sara Kauten

For how long have you been bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders? For how long have you allowed everyone to trample on you? For how long have you forgiven people who don’t deserve any forgiveness?

I think it’s safe to say that it’s time for you to say ‘enough is enough’.

It’s not that you don’t love yourself, because you do. But you have placed your love for others above yourself for way too long, and sometimes, for all the wrong reasons. And sweetheart, isn’t that exhausting?

It’s time to stop giving a fuck about everything and focus on yourself, to care for yourself and to love yourself. It’s not selfish nor biased to be selfish to yourself; you have been selfless for too long and look at where it has led you: frustration and a delusional sense of pride and happiness.

You need a break, from everything and everyone.

You have been selfless for too long, and you need to have a taste of how it’s like to be selfish. And I swear, you will love it.

You will love the feeling of peace in your soul and mind, the feeling of not needing to listen to anyone but yourself. You’ll be impressed if someone listened to you, so why not make that ‘someone’ you? Listen to yourself, no matter how sporadic and erratic your thoughts are. Listen to your own frustrations, because finally, at least ‘someone’ (that is you) is listening.

You will love the feeling of not having any burden, the feeling of not having to address anyone’s issues. Instead, you’ll be addressing your own issue, the issue of wanting to try that new restaurant but haven’t been able to because you were pulled in so many directions. Or even the issue of reading that book at the top of your to-read list but haven’t been able to because you had been interrupted so many times.

You will love the feeling of being alone. It is only by being alone, can you find yourself. You can be silly in the comforts of your own home and space. You can go anywhere without having anyone dictating your direction, or guilt-tripping you to watch that blockbuster movie which you have no interest in. Just because you’re alone doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel lonely. It only means that you’re doing yourself a favor of doing what makes you happy and excited.

You’ve been putting others above for too long. It’s time to bring yourself up to the top of your list and take a break. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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