I’m 24 And Lost And Completely Okay With That

Cameron Stow

“Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?” — Lost Stars

A single dot surrounded by a thousand words – that’s what I feel 2 years ago, a year ago, and as of this moment. How ironic that when I was in college, I know the path that I will take. But after graduating, I just seemed so lost. It makes me wonder if I am the only one like this feeling lost at 24 years old. I hope not..

Leaving the nest and flying to the big city, I may have taken the road not yet taken. Going out of my comfort zone, especially for an introvert like me, is like getting deeper into the woods. I sometimes ask myself “Who am I? What is my passion? What do I want to do with my life?” I barely know the woman I saw in the mirror for two years now. I wish to see the stars beyond this dark woods but the trees keep on blocking my horizon. I hope I am not alone here…

I’ve been struggling to find myself. I am trapped in this endless cycle. It’s not easy. It has been a burden all this time and all I could do is think about a non-existent solution. I know I’ll get by this but I’m not sure when will it be. I hope it comes sooner than later..

Sleepless night. No, I am not depressed. This is normal, right? We all get lost at one point in our lives. I guess it’s not yet my time. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find out the answer, who knows? I’ll still struggle waking up every morning until that day comes. I hope it will..

It’s a long night. Is someone out there? Can you hear me? I hope you can. I am lost but I can’t ask for help. My voice is silent but I found myself smiling despite everything. I have this feeling that I am not alone here and it comforts me somehow. I breathe.

And I realize that it’s okay to be lost at 24.

I’ll just take a stroll into this dark woods until I reach the end of it. I feel that someone out there is waiting for me. I hope there is…

I am a walking contradiction – seeking for answers but is afraid to know them as well. This is reality and not a makeup fantasy. And when I am able to pass this phase in my life, I’ll look back and remember my life’s lessons of getting lost, the sorrow, the struggle and seeing the horizon again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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