The Best Thing You Can Do For Others Is To Be Comfortable With Yourself

Natalie Allen

I have noticed that when I’m feeling somewhat self-conscious about something in my life, I start giving less. I initiate conversations and meet-ups less, and it’s like I want to be invisible to the world because I feel like I don’t have much to show for myself. I have come to learn that this is all in my head, and that I’m not doing as bad as I think I am.

I’m a pretty self-aware person as it is, but if I overthink it, it eats into my self-confidence. On a day where I’m feeling good, I can have a really great time with my friends and socialize the evening away. However, on a day when there’s a lot going on in my head and I’m feeling inadequate, suddenly it shakes me up and I don’t really give much of myself to others.

What I’m trying to show here is that where we’re at mentally and emotionally can affect how we see ourselves, which can translate into the way we are with the people we are closest to. But it’s all a perception we construct in our minds. In other words, it is not true.

Being able to love yourself, all of yourself, is such a powerful thing. Loving yourself for your strengths and your flaws enables you to have the confidence to do and achieve anything you want in life. The more you see yourself in a good light, the more it shows in the way you speak, act and in everything you do.

I used to get frustrated with myself for not being able to do a lot for others due to the poor self-image I constructed in my head. I saw myself as being very small and unable to achieve much, when in reality, what was lacking was a sense of assurance and peace within the person that I was.

So this is what you must remember — some people around you are always going to have their opinions about you, your life and the decisions you have made. There will always be external voices trying to give you a different perspective on your life, and they will try to challenge you and bring you down. We’ll never truly understand why other people have the need to do this. Sometimes it’s because they care about you, other times it’s because they’re actually judging you or maybe even jealous of your journey.

The point is, we can’t change the way other people are. We can only control the way we respond to them, because at the end of the day, your life is yours, and yours only.

Take pride in how far you’ve come and don’t for a minute think that you’re any less than the next person you come across.

Just remember that the best thing you can do for others is to be comfortable with yourself. Always find ways to love yourself, no matter what the circumstances may be, the mistakes you’ve made or the flaws you see in yourself.

Loving yourself through and through is what makes you amazing. It enables you to shine your light in all that you do and to whomever you come across. Don’t ever deny that. TC mark


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