An Open Letter To The Love Of My Life

A man kisses a woman's forehead as they embrace in the mountains
Nathan McBride / Unsplash

I found love and peace in you.

I have to admit that it feels scary sometimes because I wonder if this feeling might be taken away from me. This feeling of happiness and comfort in you.

It’s not your fault. I’ve grown to be wary of the loves of my life. It’s probably one of my flaws in being a lover.

But I want to change that.

You have given me so much of you, even though sometimes I tell you it doesn’t feel enough, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

I’d rather you show me what’s real than to say more than what you mean. Or to do more than what you really want to.

I love you for your honesty. For never falling short on your promises to me.

And even if you did a little, you’d show me that it was a mistake and you work through it with me.

I love you for your persistence in this relationship. Even during the times when I feel like giving up (which we both know is often).

You always say that I taught you how to love, but the truth is, you showed me how to love.

You showed me that love doesn’t always feel good, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t love. You understand this a lot better than me.

You showed me that love is adoring someone with all of their flaws, forgiving them even when it’s difficult, even when they don’t deserve it.

Your love helped me to feel fearless again, just like I was as a teenager, but I’d lost it for a while.

I’m strong and brave as a woman even without a man, but with you, it feels like we can help to make the world a better place.

That’s my dream being with you. Loving each other so much that we light up the world.

That’s how you make me feel. And I’m the luckiest. TC mark

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