A Message To Anyone Who Hasn’t Found Their People Yet

Sometimes I feel really lonely. I like being alone. Love it, actually. But sometimes I feel really lonely. I wish I could call someone. I think about my contact list. In it are beautiful people, incredible friends who would answer if I called and would offer love and an ear, just as I would them.

I feel lucky for that. It also makes me feel guilty for what I’m about to say. But the thing is, I don’t think that the presence of good and beautiful people in your life can compensate for the lack of your people. And if I’m being honest, which is unfortunately my only switch, I don’t think I know my people yet.

It’s a strange and confusing feeling, and if I’m having it, I figured one of you (maybe my) people are having it too. So here’s what I have to say:

You are going to find them. There are people out there who are just like you in a lot of ways and craving the ways that you’re not like them. They might be lying in bed, wishing they could call you, or maybe they don’t know they’re missing you, but they are out there.

How will you ever find them? You have to keep being you. Everything on Earth is energy. You have it. I have it. We all have it and it changes. That’s why someone who was once the Shaggy to your Scooby might not feel like that anymore. It’s nobody’s fault. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them just as fiercely, but at this time, they are not your person.

You have to understand that the energy that you are holding is going to be the same one you attract in. When you’re holding an energy that no one around you is holding, that is called loneliness. If you’re there, I’m with you, and I get it.

I think that you have to trust. You have to trust that as long as you keep holding that energy, all of the laws of physics and magnetism and the Universe will bring your people to you.

I think you should think about them. I think you should wonder what they do for fun. I think you should wonder what they like to talk about. I think you should dream about the adventures you’ll have with them. I think you should wonder all of the places you could bump into such a person. And then I think one day, you will.

When you do, you will feel it. You’ll feel it because it’s energy, and it’s an energy you know all too well because it’s your energy. I know it might not feel like it right now, but there are so many people holding that energy with you. When you come together, it will be a magnification, fireworks of your collective, and gorgeous energies, and it will be magical.

A fear that comes up as I write this is, what about that contact list? My current, beautiful friends. I want to put your mind at ease along with mine. Finding your people is not a death sentence to your current people. You can have them by your side, and on the other side are your new, same vibration people.

So don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel like you’re betraying your friends and family because you know you feel different. Feeling different is hard enough as it is. And when you’re sitting with your loneliness and your differentness, I want you to know that you are going to find your people, who are probably sitting with their loneliness and differentness too. Keep being you. Keep holding your energy, and by law, you will be drawn together.

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