9 Things You Would Only Understand If You Have ‘Internet Friends’

Tim Gouw

1. Since most of our communication is online, the use of IM, texting and video calls is key to keeping in touch. I am willing to (lovingly) spam messages at any time of the day.

2. Different time zones are mostly terrible. I keep a clock set on my phone so I know what time it is for different friends all over. But weird conversations will still happen. Like, at 2 am, you might get something like this: “does the US only sell milk in cartons? Google was no help. can u confirm?”

3. Being in different parts of the world sucks. I’ve jokingly said “Hey, drive 1,200 miles so we can hang out.” We would do it, if we were able to. But when we’re finally able to meet in person, it’ll be even more special.

4. Until we can actually meet physically, thinking up plans of what we want to do is always fun: “When you do come to England, I’m dragging you to the Harry Potter Experience. You’ll love it!”

5. Sending links, pictures, memes, and videos back and forth are how we show affection when we can’t otherwise.

6. Screaming at each other in all caps works at showing excitement when you can’t see faces: “THIS IS SO STUPID. I LOVE IT.”

7. The first time we do use voice chat or video call, we might sit there for 5 awkward minutes since this is the first time we’ve heard each other’s voices. After that, there’s a familiarity to hearing each other.

8. There is an almost unexplainable feeling of having a friend be there even though they aren’t there physically. There could be an ocean between us, but I still have the sense of them with me.

9. Collectively, all of these friends who live too far away will be referred to as “my nerds.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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