Date Someone With Passion

You. Yes you. 

Date someone with a passion. Look for it in their eyes. You will see it there. When a fire burns in someone, you will always, always see it. It cannot be hidden or ignored.

Date someone who does everything with all of their spirit behind it. Even the small things. Date someone who lives with intention. Someone who refuses to be passive, in a world that so often seeks mediocrity and apathy. Find someone who fights that silly notion just by his or her very existence. 

Date someone who has a dream. Something they wake up every day thinking about. Date someone with a goal that will make our universe brighter. Date someone who has put in long nights and early mornings  – because whatever they’re crafting, pursuing, learning or exploring motivates them to want more. They sacrificially dedicate a portion of themselves to it. They give themselves over to something because they see all of its potential.

Date someone who has reviewed their inner selves long and hard. Someone who understands that they are imperfect. Someone who has the clarity to identify what it is that makes them unique. Someone who can acknowledge, humbly, that among their inevitable human flaws, lays a piece of themselves that is so good it must be shared with the universe. Date someone who can find their mission, and who is prepared to seek it.

Date someone who understands that they are an agent of change – that they will make an irreversible impact on the world around them. See to it that they are someone who is consciously putting out good into the world each day. A person who is willing to give what they have to the universe in order to make meaningful waves, who is prepared to return as much good energy to the earth as they absorb. 

Date someone with a goal. With a finish line – but its not really a finish line, is it? No, because they know that they will never truly be finished with their passions. They know that the race doesn’t ever end, just gets easier – becomes more and more rewarding. Date someone who does not accept mediocrity in themselves or those around them. Date someone who pushes to be better, kinder, more accepting, more real. 

Date someone who has a passion, goal, and dream for all of the right reasons in life. Date someone who wants to be a success story not for them, but for the impact they will have on the universe. Date someone who works hard for they so that they can be selfless – giving to the world what they were inherently designed to give.

Date this kind of person, because these are the ones who will indeed find success – and not the kind of success that is only marked by a position, salary, or benchmark.

If you date someone like this, the passion that they show to their own goals will be the same passion with which they love you. They will love you with the same fire in their souls. They will put all they have into loving you, every day. There will be long nights and early mornings. There will be goals and dreams that suddenly you share. There will be dedication to always do what is right for you, and for each other. There will be sacrifice, giving, and hours of work put in to loving you. There will be passion in loving you in small acts of kindness. You will see it in thoughtful gestures, well-placed advice, silly personal moments, and celebrations in your honor. You will see it when in their eyes, every time they look at you. 

But most importantly, date someone like this because, very simply, you should be this way for yourself. So date someone who is your equal. Someone who will support your dreams, passions, visions, and inspirations. Listen. You are an invaluable vessel that carries these incredible things – gifts – and only you are able to create them.

Date someone like this because they will step back and let you shine. Date someone who lets you do what you love, unashamedly and unhindered. Date someone who elevates you. And if you do, they will give you every moment you deserve, just like you have given to them. They will admire you the most of anyone, because they will see all of who you are and what you do. And they will fuel the fire within you to love with fervor and resilience. They will ignite your soul from the inside out. They will. Date someone who enables you, in every moment, to be passionate too.

You. Yes you.

Date someone who you are prepared to change the world with, at your side and on your level. And then start doing it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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