This Is What Romantic Love Is Like

A friend of mine asked me to define romantic love. It’s a tough one, but if you really think about it… It’s kind of straightforward. I think there’s a distinct difference between loving someone and being in love. Love is so incredibly broad.

It’s such an easy thing to love a song or an outfit or a friend. Love comes with a bit of time. It’s usually ignited by interest, captivation and simple joy.

We can love our friends because they inspire us or show kindness in some way. We can love our parents because they support us and give us life. We can love a song because it makes us want to dance. But to be in love is romantic love. It’s when one single individual has accidentally captured your whole mind and body in the most authentic and organic way possible.

It’s when you finally feel your toes in the sand after a long road trip to the beach. Like you’ve been on a road to find the ocean, that beautiful mass of endless water and endless possibilities. And you found it. You’re grounded, standing there smiling. That feeling in your gut that tells you you’re safe.

You’re happy. You’re loved. I think if you’re in love with someone, and you’ve found romantic love, it’s impossible to love more than that one person at a time because it involves so much tireless passion and ferocity, so much commitment and trust. It’s such a deep connection between two souls, two hearts, two minds and two bodies.

It’s something so strong that you aren’t even capable of searching within yourself to find the energy of supplying that to anyone else. Romantic love is when you want to spend every day and night with them. You want to memorize their face and their freckles, the frequencies of their laugh, and their favorite foods.

It’s when you’re always warm from the inside out because there is someone sitting in your heart, singing and dancing and simply breathing… exuding a natural body heat and quiet happiness; a happiness that is so mutually understood… an easy combination of two beings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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