5 Tips For Successful Young Women Looking For Meaning In Love & Life

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1. Put your phone down. 

While your face is glued to that little screen, real life is happening all around you. You could be rock climbing, learning to cook, volunteering, reading that book you’ve always wanted to read. In this era of technology, we spend so much wondering what is happening somewhere else, what someone else is thinking or doing, what we’ll be doing tomorrow or next week. Imagine the kinds of possibilities that could be available to us if we focused on the here and now. 

2. Exercise to be healthy, not to look hot for guys. 

Defy the norm and let those hours on the treadmill be for a valid reason. When you’re 90 years old, you’ll be happier for a steady beating heart than to have looked ah-mazing in those leggings. Invest in your wellbeing, not your sex life! If you’re happy, healthy, and confident, the right kinds of boys [and accordingly the best sex] will make their way into your life as a bonus. 

3. Find what you love in order to ultimately be lovable. 

No one likes someone who isn’t interested in something. You’ve got to find that one thing that you could do 24/7 without getting bored. Maybe it’s calculus, maybe it’s singing, maybe it’s hanging out with puppies. No matter what “it” is, find it already. These are the years in your life in which you can explore. You know that squirrel-watching club on campus that always looked kiiiind of fun? Join it. Who cares about your resume? Employers, potential SOs, and everyone else would rather have a happy, well-rounded person than an accomplished one.

4. Recognize your talents and positive attributes.

We spend so much time looking in the mirror, looking at that exam grade, looking at those failed relationships, thinking “where did I go wrong?” Self-awareness is a wonderful thing, but you’d be amazed at how much of yourself is absolutely stunning. Use a dry-erase marker and make a list all along the edges of your bedroom mirror of all the things that make you beautiful on the inside. Suggestions: thoughtful, inquisitive, excitable, optimistic, kind, and the list goes on. Never EVER let someone convince you that your negative traits outweigh your positive ones. 

5. Set goals for yourself. 

They can be silly goals. They can be goals you’ve had for years. They can be far-fetched. Your goals are just a window into your future, which is entirely in your control. Life can and will throw curveballs at you, but it can never take away your power to accomplish what you are capable of. Set those goals, work towards them, and make no excuses to slack off. Shine brighter than you ever thought you could; it’s about time to take ownership of your accomplishments. Don’t rely on luck or fate – take the bull by its horns and show the world what you’re made of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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