Ranking The GOP Candidates On How Hot They Were When They Were Young

As political pundits continue to discuss the GOP presidential primary, what better way to add to the discussion than to rank the candidates not on their political platforms but rather on the heat they all brought back in their hey days? In no particular order, here’s a list of the candidates before they were presidential material.

1. Donald Trump

“I’ll win you over with my assets.”

donald trump

2. Ted Cruz

“I’ll never shut you down.”

ted cruz

3. John Kasich

“Are you from Ohio because I’d love for you to swing my way.”

John Kasich

4. Rand Paul

“I’ll protect our privacy.”

rand paul

5. Chris Christie

“I don’t hold back on the hugs.”

chris christie

6. Jeb Bush

“Will you give me the right to rise?”

jeb bush

7. Ben Carson

“My hands aren’t my only gift.”

ben carson - Copy

8. Marco Rubio

“Lets Find a Path to Your Dreams.”

marco rubio - Copy

9. Scott Walker

“I’m not afraid to break up a union.”

scott walker

10. Mike Huckabee

“Let me rock your world.”

mike huckabee - Copy

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