3 Reasons It’s Nearly Impossible For 20 Somethings To Truly Have Their Life Together

Growing up, I always felt that people in their twenties had their entire life together. I felt they had the perfect job, the perfect friends, and all of the happiness in the entire world. Now that I’m in my mid 20’s, I constantly hear my mind shouting, “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE YOUR LIFE TOGETHER.” Here’s why I feel that’s nearly impossible in today’s day and age; especially if you’re as sensitive as I am.

1. Technology

One of the problems I have the most, is that I compare myself to how well everyone else does. I recently began a new sport, and haven’t been able to progress like I had hoped I would. My dad reminded me that everyone progresses at different speeds, and that “the important thing is, you’re trying.” Which made me feel better… until I checked social media and saw people saying, “You did great tonight” to everyone except for what felt like one single person: me.

2. Social Cliques

I hated high school almost as much as I hate vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. (Please imagine an extra-large amount.) I was a good student, but I felt like I didn’t really “click” with any particular group. I sort of floated around to friends in many groups. When I began college, I had a few very close friends that I spent all of my four years in college hanging out with. Most of us moved away from that city to start adventures in a new area, and we lost touch other than an occasional text or “like” on a Facebook post. I realized very quickly that it only gets harder. Friends drift apart, your common interests are no longer common amongst each other, and unfortunately, there’s not much you can do other than meet other people and hope that the friendship is constant over the years. Apparently, the term “best friends forever” means you determine forever on a day to day basis.

3. Career Choices

Ahhh. The constant second guessing if you’re doing what you love, or whether you’ll be 100% happy, stable and financially secure when you start a family of your own. The hardest part about the job isn’t the actual work, I don’t think. I think it’s the expectations everyone else puts in your head. Has anyone else ever heard the, “You should’ve gone to law school!” line?

For all of you twenty-somethings who have no idea where they’re headed, don’t worry. There’s so many others just like us. And to all of the children you influence, whether at work, they’re your siblings or your own children, keep acting like you have it all together, just as we saw growing up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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