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I Will Never Stop Writing About You

You are the perfect arrangement of harmonies that leaves me wondering just how something like you is capable of existing. You are the lyrics so artfully arranged that I am left to desperately try and catch the breath that I’ve forgotten how to take in.

Now You’re Just Another Name On The List

Now you’re just another name on the list of actors who made a cameo in my life. They pretended to be different, kind and real but showed their true colors after the show was over, after the crowd applauded them and after they took a bow. Now you’re just another name on the list of performers who never really cared about the role but only wanted the attention.

What We Think A Good Life Means, And What It Actually Means

We think a good life means becoming immune to judgment, to harsh words from others, to insecurity, to self-doubt, to shame, to criticism. But really, a good life is about realizing that you’re human. That you’re never truly safe from your fear of being an outsider, a failure, an outcast. And that, while you can never fully avoid these uncomfortable feelings, that you can still keep going, keep doing, and keep creating in spite of them.

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