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There’s Nothing Romantic About The Pain Of Your Breakup, But Here’s How It Makes You Stronger

We romanticize breakups in order to survive. We want the pain and the aching to have meaning, so that it didn’t all happen for nothing. We need a way to wrap our brains around all the heartache. So we think about the movies we’ve seen, the books we’ve read, the sad One Republic songs they play during the montage that follows a breakup scene at the end of a dramatic television episode. And we want to be those people, those characters.

For Every Senior Girl On Her Prom Night

It’s okay if your date steps on your train or if you make a silly face in one of your pictures. It’s okay if you found your dress on the clearance rack, okay if you didn’t get your makeup done, and okay even if it’s raining and your hair gets a little frizzy. Sometimes imperfections, sometimes the things we can’t plan for are the things we remember the most.

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