8 Reasons You Need To Stop Making Excuses And Travel Instead

You realise that life is too short when you learn that there are 195 countries in the world, and only one lifetime to visit all of them. There is something so thrilling about travelling. It is addictive and arguably the best damn thing on this planet. Yet, surprisingly a lot of people manage to find excuses not to experience the unexplainable excitement of travelling, comfortably sticking to their “what ifs.” So get ready and hopefully after reading this article you will be browsing the net to find the next best flight to wherever your heart desires. Below are 8 basic reasons why you should stop following Instagram Travel pages and just pack your bags and leave!

1. It is fun and exciting!

Nothing is more exciting than travelling. There is always that kind of adventure in it; that new favourite place waiting to be discovered, that secret ready to be unveiled, that sense of spontaneity. What will happen next? And yes, at first it might scare you! But when you are on the plane back home you will feel positively different knowing that you managed to overcome your fear and lived the excitement of your journey! Even whilst the plane is landing you will realise that you have become a better person, a more fulfilled version of yourself. And believe me; your adventures abroad are more exciting than that one drunken night you talked to you call the police! I promise!

2. Change of ambiance

Newsflash, there is more to life than your life. Forget your “schedule.” Boooring. If you are a student this is the perfect opportunity! Leave the classroom. Leave behind that snooze of a lecturer who thinks that his/her subject is the only remedy for earth’s salvation. If you are an employee, this is your chance to get out of your office desk and get that dream tan. Feel the real cold (not just by messing with the temperature of your AC). Just get lost and discover! And if you are a parent… well you can get rid of your annoying children who are always hungry… or maybe that is just me!

3. Great experiences and memories

I can guarantee that some of the best memories are made whilst you are abroad! There is something about leaving your country that gives you this fresh feel of unexplainable emotion of experiencing something totally alien. These experiences will undoubtedly become memories that will last forever! Not only that, through such experiences you will open new horizons of defining who you are, influencing how you act, and providing you with new perspectives. Travelling is not just an event, it is an experience!

4. You can actually learn useful stuff…

Newsflash #2! Sitting down in a tacky lecture room is not the only way to learn! Leaving your normal routine might give you a proper life lesson. And let’s face it, what better way is there to learn than travelling? How can you appreciate the Mona Lisa from a PowerPoint presentation? You cannot learn about religions from your biased catholic lecturer; you cannot learn about living unless you live! You don’t have to learn a language from old library books. Believe me, you will learn French when you are in the middle of Paris trying to find the last metro before they all close down or you will have to sleep with one of the homeless people!

5. Meet people…

People who do not travel usually find this difficult to understand. They feel the need to go to places infested with people they already know and can relate to, in other words “play it safe”. They don’t realise that they are actually missing out on the opportunity to meet new people, an opportunity which would have allowed them to think differently and be more creative and open to experience. Going to the same places will inevitably tie you up to the same views, ideas and concepts, limiting you to lead an average life. By meeting different people you are introducing yourself to different knowledge and cultures, ideas, and widening your perspective of life. This can be challenging and scary, but it is after you leave your “safe haven” that you will realise what you have been missing out on your own personal growth.

6. Do things you do not usually do in your country

This is more of a benefit rather than a reason; when being abroad no one really knows you. Get comfortable and free! You can act as crazy as the law grants you to! Limitless; you afford to sleep-in or stay out as long as you want, go partying on a Tuesday, run through the sprinklers and just do what you want! Heck you can even run around naked! Just stray away of the police though…

7. Becoming independent!

There is no better understanding of independence then when you leave your comfort zone and go into a new country! One of the first challenges that you will find is the language barrier; what used to be a seamless errand might become a small challenge. Certain tasks might even become a bit laborious, but these situations benefit you in becoming a more responsible person. At first it might seem that there is no connection between independence and travelling, but when you are abroad and you are alone, you will have to become independent. Simple tasks like finding your favourite kebab shop, the cheapest method of transport and from where to buy alcohol, might not only turn out to be a funny story but will also help you in your independence.

8. Everlasting memories!

This last point repeats point three, but it is important enough to repeat. Travelling to a new country will not only update your Instagram pictures! Travelling will create memories that will expose you to new “pictures” to print in your brain forever! Or until dementia gets you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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