10 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself That Guarantee Success

Sometimes life can be confusing and making the right decisions seems to be impossible. It’s natural to have doubts — we all do. Then again, if you let them take control over your mind, you’ll let your dreams get lost in the chaos of negative thoughts. The easy way to avoid it is to repeat positive affirmations that ensure you what you do is right. You probably know some of these truths, but again, it’s repeating them regularly that helps you to really live by them.

1. I can and I will

Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it – this is the ultimate truth. If don’t believe in that, then you surely won’t achieve what you’d love to. As Lao Tzu said, the journey of thousand miles begins with one step. I would expand this by saying that it’s the right mindset which is crucial to make that first step. 

Now, take a moment to contemplate about your current goal and repeat after me: I can and I will.

2. I’m right

Oftentimes, we don’t pursue our goals because we let other people make us believe that we are wrong. If you want to achieve something and you deeply believe in that, then you are absolutely right. There’ll be countless people waiting to prove you otherwise, but simply ignore them and stay on track. Now, let me clarify: I don’t mean it’s appropriate to be a presumptuous asshole who has all answers. Sometimes, you’ll be wrong and some person people will show you that. However, you should only pay attention to those whose intention is to help you and not bring you down.

3. I need to wait to see the results

Usually, the change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and requires patience to persevere until you get rewarded. Many people will give up in the middle of their journey or even close to the finish line because they don’t realize how much time it takes to achieve outstanding results. Whatever you want to accomplish, be it a fitness goal, business-related ambition or anything else, keep in mind that extraordinary results require a more than usual amount of time. 

4. Choosing my own path is the best way to live

When asked about their biggest regret, most people on deathbed mention not living the way they wanted. It’s sad that so many consciously pursue a wrong path only because they need validation from the society. The truth is, you don’t need other people’s approval. The real happiness and fulfillment is found in realizing your dreams and living according to your own rules and norms, and not in money and social status. Refuse to follow the fiction and remind yourself daily that living your own path is the way to go. 

5. Feeling unhappy is momentary

The moment of sudden unhappiness can be quite discouraging. For some reason, you just feel like everything doesn’t make sense and all you do is wrong. The truth is, it happens to most of us and it’s just a brief moment when you go down so you can then go up with an increased power. 
You should simply be deaf on negative thoughts. I know, it’s easier said than done but it takes practice. Accept them as a natural occurrence and try not to let them influence your mood.

6. I don’t need other people’s approval

Basing your happiness and decisions on other people’s opinions is so wrong, yet plenty of people do it. I did it as well. Now, however, I always remind myself that I don’t need anyone’s validation. When I want to do something and it seems right to myself, I’ll proceed. Even if it’s controversial and some people may think I’m crazy. I’d rather accept that and do it anyway than have to ask myself what if because I didn’t have the balls to do that very thing. 

7. I’m responsible for what happens in my life 

I take full responsibility for what happens in my life. Who I am now is the result of my thoughts and actions from the past. What I can become is determined by what I’ll do today. I used to come up with a lot of excuses when something went not according to my plan and I wouldn’t blame myself for that. Now, I accept that I’m the master of my life so everything that takes place is a consequence of my decisions and actions. 

8. I have all that is required to be successful

Our brains love to question our ability to do something. You can’t, you don’t have what it takes… It’s amazing that oftentimes your biggest enemy is hidden in your head. Doubting leads to procrastinating which then leads to staying in your comfort zone. Consequently, nothing outstanding happens. The way to prevent that is to develop a mindset that you have all the features necessary to achieve your goal. There’s no need to think you aren’t good enough. The only way to find this out is to actually take action to see how far you can come. 

9. All the problems I face have a solution

The modern form of humans has been on this planet for around 200 000 years. And what we call civilization is about 6000 years old. Do you believe your problem is unique? Neither do I. Do you think that somebody already faced that issue and solved it? I dare to think so. Not only most of our problems are solvable, but they also seem less and less troubling as the time goes by. With hindsight, you’ll laugh at most of the things that bother you now.

10. I compare myself only to my highest self

Comparing yourself to other people is pointless. What you see is just a surface and without knowing “behind the scenes” you’ll draw false conclusions. As a consequence, you may lower your self-esteem and lose confidence. Your main improvement goal should be to become the better version of yourself than you were yesterday. This way you can clearly see what can be improved without trying to change the things that are out of your control. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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