It’s Not Their Love You Need, It’s Yours

Brooke Cagle

The moment is here, the one you think you’ve been waiting for, finally some sunshine on your head that doesn’t make you lose your balance,

how do you feel today? Do you feel more like yourself? Do you think you can manage to do the thing you want to do?

Can you stand up for yourself today?

Or does tomorrow look good for some change again?

The flowers are blooming just like yesterday, but maybe they won’t bloom tomorrow, the world can change in a day after all,

What was once here, what has been here since eternity began, can and shall disappear in a moment,

How much can you see? How much can you really touch and feel?

Thinking thinking thinking something anything at all is permanent in your life, it is the first lie you tell yourself,

When you become old enough to understand that no matter what you do, who you meet, wherever you go,

You only have yourself to fall back on, only yourself who will be with you through it all, only yourself who will be with you every single night,

Why don’t you listen to yourself then?

Why treat yourself in the worst possible way because they hurt you?

What’s the logic here? What’s the connection?

They hurt you, and you hurt yourself, when you are the only one who ever stood by you no matter what happened?

If you want to hurt them, don’t hurt yourself, but love yourself, like they never did, like they never could,

Show them how it is that you’re supposed to be loved, show them what you deserve,

Just like your body tries the hardest to keep you alive, heals every wound you inflict on it, why don’t you try your hardest to keep it alive too?

Why don’t you try, for once, to forgive yourself? To caress all the parts of you that others despise? To see it all, accept it all, and love it all.

If you can’t love everything or most of the things about you, how can someone else?

Even if they could, that’s never going to be enough,

It’s not their love you need, it’s yours.

So try, try to give love to yourself first, before giving it to someone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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