If You Never Know Restlessness, You’ll Never Know Peace

Ryan Moreno

Yellow tablecloth, white stripes, golden cups on the table, in white plates, nobody is talking to anyone else, what else is new? Nothing, nothing at all, everyone is quiet, just another family dinner.

What connects us all? Nothing but blood, nothing to share, not the will to belong to each other, bound by blood, sit in the silence with all the blood in the water, the food grows cold like the memories no one at the table even remembers anymore,

And I keep asking to myself, what exists here anymore to stay behind for it?

What binds us other than blood?

They’ll start leaving one by one, giving up, telling themselves they’re going to try again next year, but I know it’s all going to be the same,

If you block the changes because you’re afraid, you’ll fade away.

Don’t you know that by now? Twist your life around, make yourself uncomfortable to find true comfort in life, if you never know restlessness, you’ll never know peace.

Don’t sit at that table anymore, with the golden tablecloth, among those people that had their souls burn away in exchange for approval from the invisible demanding voice of the society.

It’s never too late for a change, even if you spend doing what you always wanted to for just five minutes, it’ll be worth it all. Even five minutes will give you happiness; so don’t hold back, don’t make excuses and look for back doors to get out of things you want in your life.

This is not a practice run at life, this is the real deal. You learn as you go, everyone has problems, everyone has mistakes haunting them, everyone has people they cannot get away from, everyone has something they wish to do, don’t be one of them who don’t do it because no one else is doing it either. Don’t wish to have experiences that others want to experience.

Ask yourself what do you want, and keep asking until you find the answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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