Everyone Gets There Only When They Dare To Keep Going

Sam Burriss

Now that you’re alone, how does it feel?

Do you want to start running away again?

The need and want to be around the one you loved never really goes away, does it?

But the road you could travel together has ended for good.

Now what? You keep asking yourself? Where will I go from here?

Am I on the square one again?

Am I to try again and fail again?

The answer is yes, you should.

Pretend like you can see the future, pretend like you know this pain has some meaning, imagine yourself growing stronger day by day,

Imagine yourself growing distant from everything that made you so unhappy,

Every day gets you farther and farther from those unhappy days,

Imagine you’re in that moment of clarity when everything starts to make sense,

It had to happen, it had to happen, it had to happen.

But it’s over now. It has happened. Imagine yourself accepting it all, and then forgetting about it, day by day by day.

Now you don’t remember much about those days, you don’t remember how much you were in pain,

Now you can talk about it without wanting to run away,

Now you are everything you imagined yourself to be.

Now you are everything you needed to be.

Keep going until you get to this place.

Keep going ’cause everyone gets there, only if they dare to keep going. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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