When I’m With You, I Become Strong

Priscilla Du Preez

She sits by window, cold wet tangled hair, she unravels her thoughts as she weaves her fingertips through her hair, so complicated, so messy, so cold, the air that blows through her hair, perfume of her shampoo and her thoughts, carried by the wind,

and I sit on a chair, in the dead living room, filled with the spring air, and the air that blows on my face that passed through her cold wet hair long hair,
and her drenched back, makes me cry for some reason,
I feel this is the moment I was born to witness,

this is happiness,

every muscle in my body is relaxing and every worry in my head is breaking down, like a mountain crumbling under the infinite expanse of the blue sky,
the mountains don’t seem that big when you look at them from up in the sky, just like when I look at you, everything I am running from seems insignificant,
saying just one more day, one more day, running away,

when I look at you, nothing seems that big, I don’t need to run to any other place, and I’m watching you as you sit on the windowsill,
with your legs hanging out, and your wet cold hair dampening your back,
and it’s hard to breathe,

and I’m breathing this moment in time slowly, I feel intoxicated by this afternoon, and you look back and smile,

and you have tears in your eyes, and you look at me in surprise when you see I have the same look in my eyes,

and I say to you, ‘everything is going to be alright, right? It has to, right?’
And you nod and you look outside once again, and up at the sky, I wonder if you think that it is infinite too, and if I look at everything that feels too big to overcome from up above, maybe it will seem insignificant and I’ll get unknown strength to face all the challenges I’m surrounded by. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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