This Is The Kind Of Person Who Will Love You Back

Surachet Khaoropwongchai

Someone who wants to be next to us, someone who calls us just to hear about what we’re doing, someone who wants us to better ourselves than we ever thought was possible, someone around whom we don’t feel the need to filter our minds,

someone who accepts the differences instead of criticising them, someone around whom we can be on guard and be at ease at the same time, someone who feels like home but who can makes our toes curl, someone who makes us laugh when we’re crying,

someone around whom we can cry without them telling us to stop crying, someone who can wrap us around in their arms and make the world less colder in the winter, someone who would walk that extra mile to wish us good night/morning/evening, someone who waves at us and asks us how we are and waits around to hear the answer,

someone who stays with us when we don’t want to be around anyone, someone around whom we can be strong but ask for help at the same time, someone who can make us go mad but still be the arms we want to cry into,

someone…who would love us back, trace our skin like it’s their skin, kiss our lips like it’s the only air they need to live, be with us through everything, someone who stays, someone who believes in us more than we could even imagine,

someone who sees everything about us but still asks us the reasons why we’re doing something, someone who wants to know us even after they know us, someone…

Someone. Just someone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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