We’re All Trying To Figure Life Out

Ryan Holloway

He says the world is draining him out once again, the seasons changing is making him sad again, feels like he’s wasting his life away, unable to decide what he hates, what he wants to become, what kind of a man everyone wants around, what if he never has the right words for them, will he ever decide to just let his heart speak?

She says her friends are faking their honesty ridden mouths, says she cannot stand to hear them talk, she says she wants to stay alone in her room, listen to music no one listens to anymore, says she wants to love someone senseless, no measure of time, no sense of night or day,

just keep loving someone until she begins to age, from a child to an adult, from an adult to a body of broken and aching bones, someone who everyone loves, who everyone is sad to see leave, who everyone writes cards to when the seasons change, but says she thinks she’ll never become that girl she thinks she pretends to be.

They say life is supposed to be tough, say that this is what happens to everyone, pain is nothing new, everyone feels it, happiness is the cure to the sadness of normal routine of life that suffocates you, they say it can be found if you know what you want,

and remain silent when I ask them what if those things don’t want me back, and they say then I’ll forever be this way, the last person in the line, the only one without the key to my room, the only one with a list of people to forget and forgive that I’ve never truly loved,

what kind of justice is this, I ask them, and they keep saying, this is life, and remain silent when I ask them what if I don’t want it? What if I want to change? And they just say, you can only dream, babe, like we do in our old age. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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