These Are The People Worth Looking Up To

Carmen Marxuach

She was the last of her kind, someone who gets stronger the longer she suffers, someone who tries harder the more she fails, have you seen someone like that around? Someone who smiles with tears in her eyes, who holds my hands when her own shakes, the one who breaks her heart to keep others’ whole, someone who dares to love when she’s always been unloved, the one who breaks and builds walls of people around her with love, someone who everyone loves to love, she leaves without a goodbye, but never without making you comfortable in your own life.

He was the last of his kind, someone who looked up to everyone, never down, who stretched out his hand for those falling off the cliffs, off the buildings in the dark, someone who went home and let his smile drop, someone who gave hope like it was free change, someone who everyone missed when he was gone, the one who always felt like home when he walked in the room, the one who wore his heart on his sleeve, with always a smile on his cheek, a cigarette on his lip, someone who drew everyone to him like a magnet, a source of light, of justice in the midst of darkness and injustice in life, a ghost that haunts the memories of everyone he’s ever loved, someone who can never be replaced, someone who still makes me smile, someone who still makes me cry, the one who has my heart and soul.

Have you seen them? Have you heard of people like them? I have been searching for what seems like a million years, at last I stopped in the middle of the street, when I realized both of them existed inside of me, inside everyone on the street, the chance to be a human being, the chance to live life with them guiding my lost heart with their own examples of living, sometimes that’s how you love and inspire someone, you let them be an example for the tough times, you let them carry you through the darkness of the night, the emptiness of days. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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