One Soul, Two Bodies, Different Worlds

João Silas

I found my lover, she was dancing in the dark, in a darker crowd than I had ever seen, she was dancing, but she was crying, she was trying to forget something unforgettable, she was trying to get lost in the noise, she was swaying like a tree about to be uprooted, she looked like a mountain about to crumble, she looked like the sea that was about to vanish into the sky.

I saw my lover, he was sitting in the silence of the silent coffee shop, he was waiting for no one but kept looking at his watch, he wanted to go somewhere but there was no where he was welcomed anymore, he sat in silence, probably replaying every thing he never said, wringing his fingers in confusion, he looks at the time but doesn’t move to leave, I’m nowhere to be found, and he will never stop searching.

I saw her lover, and he was holding her by the waist, and she wanted to escape, she felt she was being held by the wrong person like that, the room was bright, but she felt all alone in the dark, there were people around that knew them since they were born, who saw their future as one, but she never did, she wanted to be alone and free, not be wrapped around in the arms of someone she no longer recognized.

I saw his lover, she was clinging to him by his arm, but his eyes were far away, he was nodding like he was listening to a tv show, I wonder what he was thinking, probably about being alone and wanting to read in peace, he bent down to tie his shoes but she kept walking, he was looking at her walking away, not noticing he had stopped, he didn’t take a step further, but turned and walked back, to the coffee shop where he would wait for someone who would never arrive, but memories make slaves of us all, he dreams with open eyes of her dancing whilst crying that night, in cold room, and he closes his eyes to see her for the last time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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