Don’t Say Goodbye To Me So Easily

Jaie Miller

I asked you if you would remember me years later when we’re busy forgetting the times we felt alive, will you remember me when the world is busy forgetting me?

Will you remember how I called your name? How I said your name instead of hello when you picked up the phone, how I always sat in the backseat and you watched me in the rearview mirror, how I met your eyes without being shy, how you introduced me as yours and yourself as mine, all the things you do make me so happy without even trying, how I tried my best to do the things you could never do, how I folded the blankets end-to-end, folded neatly in the wardrobe, handed you dry towels when you forgot them on the bed outside, will you remember me when the world is forcing you to forget that I even exist?

Will you forget the times I made you cry? The music I used to hum in the dead of the night? Bringing you back from the dream you were dreaming, screaming and crying, giving you my heart was a privilege I never asked for, protecting it from the neighbors, from the fear of our parents, the jealousy of our friends, protecting me in your mind, in your ribcage, I have never felt so safe, and you never so strong, will you forget all this one day, my love?

The trace of my love in you, sketching my face on the walls of your heart, someone that you’ll miss with every breath, I have traced every bone in your body with my fingertips, you cannot forget me without forgetting yourself first, is this enough? Is this enough for you for me before I say goodbye? I have said everything I could ever say, did you hear them all? Will you remember them by heart? Your happiness is my happiness, your sadness is my death, your dreams will come true if you dare to keep dreaming even when they don’t come true, just don’t say goodbye, so easily, so finally. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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