Take Care Of Your Heart

Kseniya Petukhova

I can hear the howls in your body when the night calls you outside your room, the darkness is your only home, nobody can see you and you cannot see anybody, just the lure of nothingness in your body.

Take care, take care, of your precious mind and heart, I wanted to tell you all about how to do that,

But I lost both of them before I could turn and stay young,

I broke both of them with my own hands when I thought I was being born again.

I lost and I loved and I lost everything again and again,

I chased and I hid and I chased nothing again and again,

I laughed at the unsaid pity in everyone’s movements in my life,

The challenges were all said to be opportunities, doorways from surety to doubt.

I wish your life was easier, but I know by now, how every single one of us must struggle endlessly to reach the end of things,

I wished you would have been happier, but I know by now, that is not a luxury tha everyone receives.

Still I hope, still I strive, still I dare to dream, that you might get the things you dared to want from life,

That you might crawl and sit and stand and run on your feet,

Even if you slowed down, I thought, you would never stop,

Never wanting to stay behind with these people that no longer recollect your name, or your dreams, or your unending taste for freedom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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