You Deserve To Forgive Yourself And Try Again

Matthew Henry

I understand how I look inside your mind, a figure of human skin and bones, standing between two large glass windows, the sunlight coming in from both sides, illuminating who I really am, an imposter with nothing to lose when the night ends,

I tried following the raindrops racing down the windowpane with my fingertips, it was futile, what must go, must go, I see it all now,

I have to leave, I must go, that’s how it all goes,

Two people who came closer than anyone would’ve thought, but they parted ways, and everyone said, everyone said it was so sad, the way things don’t work out even if you put all your efforts,

So let it go, and let it break, let it shatter into pieces on the floor, don’t bend to pick them up, and I’ll do the same,

Let’s just walk silently on the shards of our memories, on our way to the door, with bloody feet and bruised knuckles, it’s okay, this hurts this much because it mattered that much,

You hurt me because I let you,

I wish I could still conjure up enough courage to let someone hurt me again like this,

It would be wonderful if I ever saw you like a stranger, but I think that will never be,

Our faces will change, but more importantly it’s our hearts, that will change their shapes after we heal, after the night ends, and I leave,

We’ll swim in the same fishing bowl, with the same friends, until one of us decides to dive out of this valley of tears, into a bigger ocean, or maybe fly away with sky in the background.

Well, feeling bad is part of it all,

Part of what, you ask,

Well, I smile and say, life, of course. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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