In My Dreams I Hear The Things You Never Said

David Cohen

Dreaming with you, of you, of me, of dreaming together,

The thoughts in my head flow into your head, your feelings leak into mine, like a river meets the ocean at last,

If I tried to whisper any words right now, they wouldn’t make any sense, the silence defines everything best,

I can hear all the things you never said when you look into my eyes,

Time stands still while we continue floating in the darkness, holding onto each other, waiting for the night to end,

Waking each other up every day, the silence is always there, like a photograph we burned in the bonfire last winter, the past disappeared like sparks of the fire, the fire wasn’t that warm but your hand was,

I had so many things to do, so many things to be, but it all slipped through my fingers, but your fingers fit right into mine, nothing slips away when you hold my hands, everything is complete even if it’s not.

How can I not be moved by such completeness in my lacking life?

I can fill all the abysses with your memories and they would overflow, like my heart sometimes when I spend my days dreaming of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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