You Make Me Believe In Happiness Again

Seth Doyle

I feel alive in the nights,
You feel alive when the sun rises,
What made you smile today?
You look at me and smile and say “you”
Well, that can’t be true,
You must have some other things that make you glad you’re alive,

You turn to me and say,
Maybe the blue sky,
the smell of the coffee you make when I’m fast asleep,
When you laugh lying on my chest,
When I see you crossing the street to meet me,
When the time on the clock doesn’t matter,
When our hands brush at the right time,
When you inch closer to my face and say “you’re mine”
and declare me yours in a suspended moment in infinite time,
I’m hanging off the sky holding onto just your outstretched hand,
I’m living with you in my mind,

My life behind me is a dark room full of drawers,
filled with memories of people that never liked me very much,
You pull me ahead in time,
with a promise of spending a lifetime, together,
holding hands, eating every meal together,
watching the sky change colours everyday,
go driving when the night is darkest,
never getting tired of each other,

I want to tell the sky above and the earth below and the trees and leaves
that made me feel at home
when the world has shunned me in every possible way,
that I have found another home,
and he’s beautiful to me.
He heals the wounds I couldn’t see on my heart,
And I think, I think, I think,
I want to believe in happiness at last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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