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If Only Life Was Like A Sunday Afternoon

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Toa Heftiba

Yes, I love Sunday afternoons,
opening my eyes after sleeping through the night and morning,
the sun is less harsh on the eyes,
I don’t have that much to hide,
I just like the shadows for fun,
Life is boring if you don’t have things you need to run from,
Though my heart aches every once in a while,
I don’t like to say hello more than goodbyes.
There is a ugliness in loving someone who doesn’t love you back,
that I can’t point a finger on anyone when it isn’t my fault,

I love sunsets,
like they’re a mirror that show me
how darkness is growing inside me as days go by one by one,
I keep bumping into people that have the same faces with different names,
I think I’m finally going insane,
or maybe the side-effects of you leaving my side are finally catching up to me,

I think I’m growing older on the outside,
and I stay the child that never ran away from home within,
I think all the mirrors in the world lie so much,
they keep showing these sad set of eyes on my face,
I want to look as happy as I feel,
or at least pretend to be,

I am running out of excuses to not cry on the street,
the world should know I feel unhappy even it doesn’t care,
I want a pitiful shoulder that I can lean on,
I want a well deep enough to fall in,
I want a building high enough that’ll take me way up into the sky,
A place far away from all this noise,

I want people to hate me because they love me too much,
I want to hate people who I can’t love anymore,
What is the point of living if I’m living for the weekends,
and the weekends are so short? TC mark

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