I Want To Save You The Way You Saved Me

Guillaume Bolduc

She turns to me and says,
“I know how tough it is for you,
but you have to pull through, for me if not for yourself.”
She has always promised to love me when I won’t be able to love myself,
She always keeps me in the moment, so my life doesn’t pass me by,
when I constantly look for a dark corner to stand and stare at the walls,
She pulls me into the light where the world lives,
She holds my hand through all the hard times,

I wonder to myself, when it’s night,
and she’s sleeping right next to me,
Who pulls her forward when she goes through tough times?
The darkness tries to pull me in when she’s not looking into my eyes,
I hold onto her more tightly than ever,
If I let this life jacket go, I’ll drown.

I want to be the tree that takes her to heaven on its branches,
I want to be the sea that takes her to see the wonders of other lands,
I want to be the sun that brings light into her life,
I want to be the scarecrow that chases all the demons in her life away,

But here I am, holding onto her holding onto me holding onto what we both are,
I want to get stronger, with her as my strength,
I wonder what she dreams of when she opens her eyes,
I dream of being in her line of sight,
It’s like I’m being saved by the hand of an angel when she looks at me,
It feels like I won’t have to hide anymore from all that I can’t forget,
It feels like I won’t have to accept forgiveness from those who were never very sorry for hurting me,

It feels like I can shed all my guilt,
As we lie beneath this warm quilt,
Basking in the warmth of each other’s love,
How often do you think of someone in your life as your saviour?
Be saved, and then save them.
That’s what it’s all about,
I want to be her salvation too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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