Time Is Always Running Out For Us

Tim Gouw
Tim Gouw

Door’s closed, of my home, of my heart,

I know you got my letter last time, but you decided to not reply,

It’s alright, it’s alright,

I can wait for another night, I’ll give it another try,

Just know that I’m still hanging around here, till 25th of July.

I’ve seen many seasons come and go, not for much long,

I would’ve loved to see the fall,

But this year is too long for me to see it all.

I heard you crossed my street the other night,

I wonder if you changed your mind.

Do you want me to haunt you after I die?

I know all about the truths hidden in your subtle lies,

You could do everything I never expected,

But you never knew how to hide in plain sight,

Who you were, your smile, the way you keep looking into my eyes when I look away into the darkness of the night,

I’ll remember it all until I die.

Our hands are joined, just like souls, even if you walk away so slowly and quietly,

Some fates are meant to exist but from a distance,

Yes, we are in love, but we’re two parallel lines.

Yes, we are in love, but there’s just too many lies that we haven’t brought to light.

May passes, and June ends with a sigh,

I haven’t got any ideas,

Maybe our version of time is different,

I seem to have aged twice as fast in these last few months,

You still remain the lost child you’ve always been.

The one who always ran away and never apologized.

I would give you a second chance for the hundredth time,

But I’m all out of it, you see, it’s the 25th of July.

It’s alright, it’s alright.

I always knew you weren’t that good with goodbyes.

I left a letter in every place we kissed,

Not that many, just underneath the blue sky. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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